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Lef Right

Luminaire Ray

4.33” W X 2.76” D X 24.41” H

Aluminum, Chrome Smoke Grey / Gilded finish
2700 Kelvin OSRAM OS LEDs / CRI typ.85

Latest technologies as well as merest designs are used and transferred to the outer shell:
The purist luminaire “RAY” with its consistent minimalist design, achieves the desire of ever smaller getting dimensions in the field of lighting technologies.
With its decent and delicate esthetics, the illuminant appears almost invisible: The emitted light reflects diffused from the wall and emphasizes the features of the luminaire.
The only 6,0mm thin, slotted aluminum stick leads the exposed LED strip. Assembled with OSRAM OS LEDs, an excellent luminous efficiency is achieved while having a low consumption of power.
The brilliant color rendering index of the applied LEDs enable an unadulterated color effect of the illuminated objects.
The operating function has been inconspicuous but masterfully solved: the in the base integrated electronic enables to switch the lamp on and off or to continuously dim it by touching the aluminum stick or the surface of the base, so that the brightness can perfectly fit each particular room situation.
As limited-elegant and graceful the luminaire is in its character, as determining it is in its materiality:
Refined in chrome smoke grey as well as gilded surface, it remembers in its precious materials and colors of the magnificent times of the Art Decó.